Our top print tips

 We’re here to help –Our experienced team are here to help you. Feel free to contact us at any time during the process and we will give you free advice to.

Design and Visual Impact – Here at DD we are great believers in a clear visual impact - less is more. Make sure key selling points are communicated in the top third of your print. This is especially important for leaflets or  brochures going into a rack as this is the area that will be seen first. Ask for honest second opinions to verify your ideas.

Images – It’s worth getting the best images possible. We would recommend using a professional whenever you can - images do speak louder than words

Size of leaflets and brochures – Try and keep the sizes so they fold down to portrait DL or A5. In our experience this creates the most effective pick-up, works best in a typical leaflet display and can easily fit in a pocket! Of course we can cope with any size you want to throw at us.

Size of Posters – A3 portrait is the most effective size and fits in most spaces therefore giving you the best exposure, although we do distribute all sizes of print.

Too floppy or too stiff – Make sure you print your leaflets on the right weight of paper. Too low and your print can flop or easily rip, too thick and it might not be effectively displayed.

Incentives and tracking devices – Make sure you promote your web site. If you are using an offer make sure it is visible and not hidden away inside your print, especially if it will help you track the effectiveness of your print.

Environment and sustainability – Are you printing your paper on FSC approved paper? Have you considered using 100% recycled paper or vegetable inks? We will keep you up to date of print stocks, recycle any print that is out of date as well as all of our cardboard and plastics. Getting your print distributed by an approved and recognised distributor will also cut down on carbon foot as they will be working for a multiple of organisations delivering print to one site, rather than many deliveries arriving at the same time.

Packaging and Delivery – You’ve just paid a lot of money to have your print designed and printed. So make sure it’s protected. Ask your printer to package it well in secure and standard size of boxes. Has the box been correctly labelled with what’s inside and the numbers per box. Make sure that any pallets are stacked no more than 4 feet high and weigh no more than 900kg. All of this will ensure that your print is delivered to where it is going in a safe manner.


Don't just take our word for it

‘41% of audiences use the brochure to find out about our events’ - Tron Theatre Glasgow