Our team

The Direct Distribution team are passionate about delivering a professional quality service. We believe in being flexible and innovative in delivering your campaign to your customers. We have over 100 members of staff across Scotland with more than150 years experience. Feel free to contact us for more information at info@directdistribution.co.uk


Chief Executive - Angus White angusw@directdistribution.co.uk

Sales and Customer Support

Office Manager - La'Dona Swift  ladona@directdistribution.co.uk
Client Accounts – Erin Alexander-McCluskey erin@directdistribution.co.uk
Client Accounts – Paul Mellon paul@directdistribution.co.uk

Street Team Manager - Siobhan Barret Gostelaw prteam@directdistribution.co.uk
Administration – Kathleen MacLennan kathleen@directdistribution.co.uk

Administration - Karen Grainger karen@directdistribution.co.uk

Finance – Lyndsay Cosh financial@directdstribution.co.uk


Head of Operations – Ian Wilson ianw@directdistribution.co.uk
Warehouse Manager – warehouse@directdistribution.co.uk



Don't just take our word for it

"We have been using Direct Distribution for our events management for years. They always seem to know exactly what we need and arecompletely efficient – the first ones onsite and the last to leave."
Glasgow Life

"It's their reliability that we most value – the team are unflappable when any unforeseen issues arise and are extremely professional from start to finish."